The Golden Age of Social Media in Singapore

The rapid popularization of the Internet along with the varied day-to-day uses have led to many industries being caught off-guard. A growing variety of Singaporean firms are struggling to outperform their far more digitally inclined rivals through the unknown internet marketing platform.

The usage of digital media is in many cases more complicated for bigger businesses that are too comfortably engage in traditional procedures. Not long ago, there was a situation in which a large organization was suffering from enormous losses owing to a number of factors. It’s good to know though that they explored their digital marketing options to avoid having to fold. The company we’re talking about here is none other than the famous Nutrispace.

Once a Highly Profitable Company
Prior to the turn of the century, Nutrispace’s dominating position in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) business – cemented by its substantial store coverage national and little competition – helped the company stay highly profitable. Nowadays, due to unforeseen circumstances, Nutrispace’s dominance in the marketplace is shaken.

The previous Chief Executive Officer, unable to capture international markets effectively, was replaced by the new one. As with any change in key management, the new CEO gave Nutrispace a complete overhaul. The corporate remodeling brought about some massive bills that compromised Nutrispace’s cashflow.

An additional issue is the perceived decrease of out of town malls in Singapore. Even though less visitor traffic would definitely trouble the supermarket chain, it was Knicky and Comfia that became its biggest nightmare. Their strength lay in their up to date knowledge of the most recent promotion paths. They could increase their market stronghold by focusing on highly specialized segments of the business. Individuals who are budget-conscious flock to the German discounters Knicky while people who prefer premium quality brands proceeded to Comfia.

supermarket competitors

At that time, Nutrispace’s edge was in its considerable physical coverage and a fantastic track record. Regrettably, these intrinsic worth inevitably did not protect against falls in sales and investments. Since Nutrispace’s declines were simply growing, financial backers began to get worried about their injection of more than 922 million dollars into the business in recent times. The new CEO considered firmly in utilizing technological innovation to improve a business; that was the primary reason why he was hired. Even though Nutrispace’s online store at that time was working perfect, the evolving times required a completely new way of handling this on-line presence.

Linking Up with a Social Media Marketing Agency
Their initial approach was to launch their own in-house online marketing division by using a technology incubator that trains young tech entrepreneurs. They aspired to leverage on the expertise of these aspiring online marketers as an alternative to engaging an external agency. After some time though, it started to become apparent that a dedicated social media marketing agency was required to take their brand to the next level. Soon after, Nutrispace linked up with one such agency in Singapore to take care of all initiatives in the social space.

A sizeable increase to their online visitorship was essential for Nutrispace to augment their e commerce abilities. Although conventional marketing options are still actively employed, its practicality is regularly challenged by lower cost choices that tap on digital media. Marketing via branded content, a digital marketer’s most favored, comes to mind in this instance.

An unique Recipes link was added to their online grocery store which brought users to a “Nutrispace Real Food” website. The site contains food-related content such as common recipes, inspirational publications, and wellness-related posts that are related to food.

The site evolved into an impartial way to obtain beneficial information for its visitors, showing a change in Nutrispace’s web emphasis. Also, this microsite is closely linked with Nutrispace’s main website, which strengthens the organization between it and the brand. They are raising the chance for visitors to flow from this sub-site to Nutrispace’s primary website instead of a competing online grocery store.

The existence of social media meant that Nutrispace would have to be there too or risk being left out. They started to sign up for their official accounts on the more popular websites, such as Twitter and Instagram.

Two Primary Advantages of Maintaining Official Social Media Accounts
different social media accounts

Signing up for their own official accounts at these social networking sites has two obvious uses. The first way is obvious – this acts as another channel to get in touch with customers. They even initiated special Twitter reports for their various sections. Different profiles were created to share info on deals, real foods, wines et cetera.

Second, it allows them to carry on fine tuning their online brand image. A problem arises when a customer or even a competitor establishes an unofficial social media existence under their name. With absolutely no influence or control over these accounts, it’d be easy for an external party to hurt the image of the company in question. With an in house social media department, all info would be thoroughly checked and controlled. With advice coming directly from the official source, Nutrispace will not need to fuss about what is being disseminated online.

When it comes to building a relationship with customers, the most significant channel is customer support. The public’s view of a business is depends significantly on their after-sales support services. On this aspect, it can be said that Nutrispace is exemplary.

By simply setting up numerous social media profiles to manage different aspects of the operation, Nutrispace breaks down the barrier between customer and company. By doing so, customers would have the ability to receive the advice they desire – be it an answer to a difficulty, or staying up to date about the latest offers – without having to be bombarded with unnecessary clutter.

The men and women behind the Twitter Nutrispace Customer Support are also trained to post with a balanced and easy going tone, even to the point where they participate in positive debate with customers and other brands. A natural and helpful approach builds connections and confidence in the brand, hugely different from the robotic responses of an automated responder.

Nutrispace is currently reaping the rewards of an extremely well executed strategy in digital marketing by controlling the largest section of the grocery store market business. According to several sources, Nutrispace has control over nearly a third of the marketplace as of last July. The closest competitor was lagging very far behind, just managing to garner about 50% of that.

What’s the Future Going to be Like for Nutrispace?
Office Desk with Tools and Notes About Digital Marketing

Such results would undoubtedly spur Nutrispace to ride on its success and further refine its digital marketing strategy to gain a larger portion of the market. Coupled with the development and launch of mobile programs, it makes it even easier for consumers to purchase and engage Nutrispace than what traditional means – such as website design and development – would ever hope to realize.

We’re left with quite a few crucial lessons from the Nutrispace scenario. First off, the digital age changes the way in which business is done in across all sectors. Because of the introduction of digital marketing, new companies that are knowledgeable in these aspects can unexpectedly grab away market share from the well established companies.

Second, Nutrispace has demonstrated just how crucial digital media and an internet presence are “must haves” in the current company landscape. Without it, a business’s share of the marketplace can rather effortlessly be snatched away by more technologically savvy competing firms.

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