What is Marketing Going to be Like Without Social Media?

The pace that the Internet was embraced by the world coupled by its influence on their lives simply meant that most businesses were caught off guard. Many businesses in Singapore ended up being broken down by the pressure to take on more digitally-savvy startups and the difficulty of aligning their marketing and advertising strategies to an unfamiliar medium. Particularly for larger corporations with well recognized processes already in place, the move to digital media is never straightforward. There had been a recent incident in which a once powerful multi-national firm was struggling with an awful hourly loss. It is great to understand though that they considered their digital marketing choices to avoid having to fold. You might have heard of this organization before: South Pacific Imports.

Before the turn of the century, South Pacific Imports’ nationwide reach and small rivalry meant they had a good advantage in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) business. In recent times, as a result of unforeseen circumstances, South Pacific Imports’ control over the market is deteriorating.

deteriorating business

The Inability to Capture Foreign Markets
The former Chief Executive Officer, unable to capture the Hong Kong and China markets effectively, was replaced by the new one. Due to the hiring of any top executive, many practices and procedures faced revision. The price of placing these changes into motion adversely affected South Pacific Imports’ fiscal standings. South Pacific Imports soon became a victim of Murphy’s law, where if things could go wrong, they would. Almost daily, a brand new business would appear, armed with extensive digital marketing expertise. It came to a point where there was a store awaiting at perpetually every street in the city.

Changes in overall the way consumers behaved also meant that low prices trumped repeat purchases resulting from brand loyalty. Such a development brought on anxiety between South Pacific Imports’ key shareholders when their monetary stronghold started going down hill. A marked decrease of 24% in profits triggered huge alarm within the firm.

The newly appointed Chief Executive Officer considered firmly in utilizing digital innovation to improve a company; that was the main reason why he was appointed. Despite having a completely functioning e-commerce store in place, they had to step up their game.

Nevertheless, natural growth could just take it that far; they would need to collaborate with an external digital marketing agency to help in fueling the expansion of its on-line existence. South Pacific Imports was able to decide on one following considerable review. They opted for one that was prepared to aid them in efforts across a variety of digital platforms.

Over time, the efficacy of digital media caused conventional marketing budgets to be cut and allocated towards on-line intents. Increasing the sales figures of the ecommerce website was the primary target at hand. Content marketing was selected as the way to go to increase website traffic and involvement, thereby leading to more earnings.

Harnessing the Power of Content Marketing
South Pacific Imports additionally drives content marketing by having a “Recipes” link in the main menu, which users can obtain from its main website. It focused on encouraging healthy living through nutritious eating together with other wholesome avenues.

The site evolved into an unbiased source of helpful tips for online shoppers, illustrating a change in South Pacific Imports’ website design and development attitude. Due to the fact that it is linked to South Pacific Imports branding, it helps boost trust in the brand while discreetly persuading users to shop more at their online grocery store. They’re increasing the probability for users to flow from this sub-site to South Pacific Imports’ main online store instead of a competitor’s online grocery store. With social networking being so popular and widely-employed by the masses, South Pacific Imports acknowledged the need to leverage on this platform to increase its reach in the industry. Hence, aside from content marketing, South Pacific Imports also used social media marketing – growing their influence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google – which was handled by their corporate communications team.

The Use of Social Media Platforms
Two priceless uses can be derived from signing up for their own accounts on these social platforms. To begin with, it’s an easily managed stream of general advice and marketing related material for their customers. A specialized Twitter account was even created for the individual business units. What’s more, unique profiles were in place for a number of subdivisions including latest deals, bottled refreshments, wines and so on.

power of social media

More importantly, South Pacific Imports retained absolute control over their on-line brand image. It’d be effortless for someone to launch a fake page and taint South Pacific Imports’ brand image with fake information. With absolute control over its accounts, South Pacific Imports could be relied upon to provide verified information via the legitimate channels.

Customers are the ones sustaining a company. Dealing with customer problems and keeping relationships are crucial to growing a loyal base of customers. South Pacific Imports is an obvious demonstration of this. For instance, South Pacific Imports created several accounts, each designed to do a distinct task. This really helped to ensure that customers have a proper route to direct their responses, while other customers can shop easily without getting disturbed by immaterial messages.

At the end of the day, customers of any company need to feel valued; the first step to accomplishing this is to have a “live” individual speaking to them and handling their problems, rather than pre-written responses which farther space the company and its customers. A pleasant demeanor brings style to a brand and fosters a feel-good experience – prompting potential future sales.

The immense reward of obtaining the biggest share of the Singapore market definitely shows that South Pacific Imports’ internet marketing strategy worked its magic. As of data compiled by various research sites in June last year, South Pacific Imports holds approximately a quarter of the share of the market. This is almost twice the share of the second biggest supermarket enterprise that currently commands around fifth.

This highly encouraging result acts to only further solidify South Pacific Imports’ confidence in a digital marketing strategy. In conjunction with the development and launch of mobile apps, it makes it even easier for consumers to buy and employ South Pacific Imports than what conventional means – such as designing and developing of a simple website – would ever expect to attain.

Main Lessons
South Pacific Imports’ case provides many lessons. First is that tenure and existing foothold isn’t a guarantee in the digital age. Because of the mass adoption of digital marketing, newly established businesses that are savvy in these aspects can unexpectedly grab away clients from the well established companies. It’s become undeniably apparent that establishing an online presence through digital media is a no brainer in Singaporean company tactics. By leaving it out, a business’s share of the marketplace can rather quickly be seized by the more technologically savvy challengers.

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